2002 Reininger Carmenére

2002 Reininger Carmenère
Walla Walla Valley

Technical InformationReiningerCarmenere

Seven Hills Vineyard
100% Carmenère
French Oak
(100% new oak)
Bottled August 2004
pH 3.77
Total acidity 0.63 g/100ml
Cases Produced 112

Tasting Notes
Ahh…ahh…excuse me but the black and white pepper and pecans kneaded into the candied fruit is about to make me sneeze.  Chewww…  Yeah, you can chew on this wine with its big chewy, silky mouth feel.  It’s totally a boysenberry and blackberry reduction sauce complete with caramelized butter smoke and seasoned with pepper. Slow sipping and extended palate time make this a perfect “cocktail” wine or aperitif (i.e. food not necessary).