Justin Vajgert on Reininger 2006 Syrah
Ash Hollow Vineyard


Justin Talks About Reininger’s 2006 Syrah Ash Hollow Vineyard

Syrah is an old Northern Rhone variety. It’s grown in regions like Cote Rotie, Hermitage and Cornas, [also] Saint Joseph and Crozes-Hermitage for years, hundreds of years, if not thousands. For me, it’s one of my favorite regions… I love Syrah very much. It wears a lot of different hats depending on where it’s grown.

This [Reininger 2006 Syrah Ash Hollow Vineyard] is probably one of my favorite Syrahs… It’s definitely along the earthier side. It’s not a fruit bomb by any means. It’s very restrained. The aromas are smokey, olive tones, cured meats and mushrooms. Its not a typical Washington Syrah which can lead itself to be a little more fruit forward, and that’s what I like about it.

I’m getting a little bit of floral. But definitely, olive is one of the things that stands out, to me, most. It smells like black olives and sometimes charcuterie, or cured meats. It’s funky; the fruit’s there but you really have to dig for it. It has a lot of secondary flavors that really stand out in this wine. It’s got a really nice silky texture. It’s soft; the tannin’s really, really fine. Nice acid, but defiantly full bodied. For somebody who likes a full wine, this is there.

It’s great with lamb but it works with other meats, red or white. If you are going to use chicken or pork you definitely want something with some serious seasoning or flavor to it, because it really needs something significant to stand up to the flavors of the wine.

Vegetarian dishes would work too. Like risotto, mushroom risotto or lamb risotto or risotto in general would be a pretty safe pairing.

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