Reininger Employee Profile: Justin Vajgert (aka ex-Fabio)


Our new series: Employee Profile!

You probably already know that Reininger Winery has some pretty incredible wines (if we do say so ourselves), and rest assured, we will continue to give you the inside scoop on our award winning wines here on the blog.  But we also want to give you a peek into what goes on behind the scenes at the winery, and who makes up the Reininger team.  We are starting a new blog series of employee profiles to introduce you to the gang.  So grab a glass of your favorite Reininger and sit back and enjoy the true, surprising, and funny stories of the people behind your favorite wines…

Name: Justin Vajgert

Role at the Winery: National Sales Monkey

Favorite Reininger wine: Ash Hollow Syrah… duh

How Justin got involved: Justin actually went to school for wine making and dreams of making his own wines someday. He got involved with Reininger when he first moved to Walla Walla late 2005 after meeting Ronnie and Terry Tucker at the Creek Town Restaurant.  “They suggested I talk to their son Jay about a job at Reininger. A month later, I was hired in the tasting room. A year and a half of hard work later, I was offered an opportunity to do the winery’s national sales and haven’t looked back since”.  As much as he loves Walla Walla and the Northwest, Justin says ?“I miss my Mom, Grandma other family and friends that are still in Illinois…You guys should really move here!”

Other Interests: When not busy with Reininger (or dreaming of someday making his own beer, whiskey and tequila) Justin spends time with his girlfriend Katie hiking and exploring the Columbia River Gorge. He also enjoys music, cars, and hockey.  Justin loves to cook (and eat), would love to someday travel and eat his way around the world, making sure to hit up Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Lebanon and Japan.


  1. court

    He’s swell, that’s for sure. He could sell bikinis to polar bears, something that’s pretty pretty tough to do (might get easier with global warming).

  2. Ronnie Tucker
    Ronnie Tucker08-20-2011

    We were eating at the South Fork Grill, (used to be Creek Town) a few nights ago. Norm McKibben of Pepper Bridge was relating the same story about how we found Justin to a couple who was occupying the same booth Justin was sitting in the night we met him. We were so pleased when he showed up at Reininger shortly thereafter. A match made in heaven!!
    We love you Justin!
    Ronnie and Terry

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