The Taste of Perfection: 2007 Reininger Merlot


The beloved varietal of Merlot has proven its worth for centuries.  Although steeped in deep history, Merlot remains relevant and popular today.  As you know from our previous post, Merlot is one of the classic Bordeaux noble grape varieties.  The title of noble grape was not bestowed lightly.  In order to be considered a noble grape, a grape had to be both versatile, able to be grown all over the world, and produce quality wine without blending with other varietals.  Despite its fantastic flavor and potential, Merlot was mainly used as a blending varietal until the 1970’s, when a Californian winemaker decided to turn the varietal into a star.  Merlot really took off in the 1990’s following the “60 Minute” report on the French Paradox, which we talked about earlier.  Merlots were often the chosen varietal for people looking to find an approachable, delicious red wine.
Although Merlot has long been noted for its easy drinkability, don’t think that means a lack of complexity! Letie Teague of Food and Wine Magazine explained “the best Washington Merlots combine the ripe, lush fruit of the New World with the structure and acidity of the Old World, resulting in complex, well-balanced wines.”  Not to toot our own horn, but the Reininger 2007 Merlot is a perfect example of this.  Reininger Merlot’s have been winning award and getting top scores ever since we started making them.  You can read the whole list here, but we’ll sum it up to say that our Merlot’s consistently score points of 90 or above from sources such as the Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast.

Our 2007 Merlot is nothing short of the epitome of Walla Walla’s best. The 2007 Reininger Merlot’s lush aromas of mixed red berries and smoke swirl out of the glass, melding with a bouquet of rose petals, thyme and lavender.  Flavors of spices, cherries, red licorice leap onto your palate, fading to leave a velvety chocolate finish.  This deep medium-full bodied red will mesmerizes with mouth-watering acidity.

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