The Best Reason to Stop Pursuing Happiness


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That whole ‘money can’t by happiness’ thing? Yeah. That person didn’t buy wine…or ski passes. – Brooke Bartlett-Turnbow

This post really doesn’t have a whole lot to do with the winery, aside from recently being inspired by Chuck’s perpetual positivity. Many who know him are amazed by his incredible outlook on and love of life, adventures, and family. This post is inspired by him and in honor of the beginning of 2013.

For many of us, a new year is a time of resolutions to get fitter, read more, spend less, be happier. Resolutions and goals are not the answer; all these do is trick you into thinking you are being proactive by spending more time planning and ultimately, less time actually doing. Most of the best things in life happen when you least expect them to: friendships, love, spontaneous picnics and crazy weekends. Stop trying to control life, and let yourself enjoy the pleasures of living as they come. Commit to saying YES more often, talk to strangers, try new foods, give more than you get, and let life happen.

Most people say that happiness is found through the enjoyment of life and sharing of experiences with others that they care about. Maybe that’s why it seems almost impossible to find a sad wine taster in the Reininger tasting room…they are doing something they enjoy, usually with people they enjoy and the purported restorative powers of wine are taking hold. There have been many great words written over the past two centuries linking wine drinking to happiness. The healing powers of wine were used by long forgotten ancestors to help both physical and mental pains. It is no wonder that past writers wrote of ”sorrows being lifted,” as wine was a healthful and restorative elixir since the ancient times of Bacchus.

The best reason to stop looking for happiness is because it already exists within you. For times when you can’t seem to find it, just follow this link to the Reininger store, pop open a bottle with a few good friends, and let yourself laugh.


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