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A Sunny Day. A Porch. A Bottle of Rosé.


Today is a great day. Seriously. The weather is amazing, the breeze is light and fresh, and I’m currently listening to Jimi Hendrix with the sunshine streaming in through an open window. If you’re in your office, I suggest you do the same. The only thing that would make this moment better is I had a lightly chilled glass of something delicious on my desk…something like the 2011 Helix Rosé. Spring Release is just around the corner, so we are pulling it out for the weekend and it’s been on my mind. I daydream about the delicious strawberry juiciness and crisp acidity dancing on my tongue.

Rosés have always been a hard-sell, mainly because when people see their pinkish color, they automatically think of the overly sweet, one-dimensional blush wines or white zinfandels. That’s not the kind of Rosé we make at Reininger, and certainly not the kind I drink anywhere else.

The best Rosés are dry, crisp and fresh, and their lighter red-berry flavors can give them an advantage in food pairings over whites and reds. They can be made with any number of grapes – Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, Malbec and Cabernet Franc, to name a few. Though it might seem like these are a blend of red and white wines, traditionally they are 100% red fruit, just with the skins left to macerate only for a very brief period to impart subtle tannins and beautiful color.

This is sunny day, porch-sittin’ wine. If you can’t wait for Spring Release weekend, you can order it here or call us at the winery and we will set some aside for you. With only 45 cases made, this beauty is going to fly out the door.

75% Cabernet Sauvignon
20% Merlot
5% Malbec

Stainless Steel

Bottled April 2012

pH 3.6

Total acidity 6.0 g/L

Cases Produced 45

Tasting Notes
Juicy summer fruit lovers will flip for this one. Take a whiff and smell the aromas of sweet and sour strawberry Jolly Rancher, watermelon and squeeze of lime. Fresh strawberry and juicy watermelon carry over to the palate with a nice round texture and bright acids. Sexy summer sipping. Wow!

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