“These are the moments, nurturing the vines, the excitement of the crush, and sharing the bounty of nature, that make crafting fine wine exhilarating.”

Sensory Education
Chuck ReiningerAlong with attending winemaking courses at University of California – Davis, Chuck began his informal training at the early age of six. Chuck’s family planned and took annual summer vacations to various national parks around the country. These summer excursions seeded in Chuck a deep connection and fascination with the outdoors. Seeking a way to harness his passion for nature and adventure, Chuck spent many years as a mountaineering guide on Mt. Rainier. Chuck sees several parallels between winemaking and climbing. Both require patience, the ability to assess the medium and the environment, and, in Chuck’s vision, both have a common goal —“To experience the journey and to reach the top.”

Chuck is convinced that his early exposure to nature taught him to pay attention to the unique details that make up the whole. It is his gifted palate and past experiences that make Chuck the very intuitive winemaker he is today. He strives at all times to ensure that his wine is the best that it can be. It is this dedication that has made Reininger one of Washington’s top wineries.

A Philosophy of Winemaking

Chuck’s goal is to capture and enhance the essence of each vintage by exposing its terroir – the physical and nonphysical elements of the vineyard habitat. The French define it as the vine, subsoil, siting, drainage, microclimate as well as the spiritual aspects of the vineyard’s history. Chuck feels that you must always be aware of these factors when making wine. “Wine is a reflection of everything that’s happened to the grapes, a time capsule, I enjoy bringing out the flavors locked in the grapes and making them shine.”

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