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The Lost Bordeaux: An Exploration into Carmenère

Green peppercorn. Jalapeno. Smoke. Sour Cherry. Raspberry. These are all words to describe an ancient varietal that REININGER has specialized in since 2002. Carmenere, otherwise known as the Lost Bordeaux, has a long and illustrious history. Between the various synonyms the grape has shared with other varieties to the common characteristics with other fruit, Carmenere has become the mistaken doppelganger for many of the Bordeaux varieties. It’s no wonder that it hasn’t come into its own and embraced its individuality in single varietal bottlings until modern day. Now it’s celebrated all over the world on November 24 on International Carmenere Day, and at REININGER we celebrate it in the Spring with the wine club release of our Walla Walla Valley Carmenère, sourced from Seven Hills Vineyard.

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